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Wanda Marin Named to AAA Scholarship Foundation Bank Advisory Board

June 20th, 2017 • Press

Wanda Marin, Vice President and Regulatory Compliance Officer and Audit Manager at Marquis Bank has been elected to serve on the AAA Scholarship Foundation Bank Advisory Board. The advisory board serves as a strategic partner to the AAA Scholarship Foundation, offering knowledge, experience and recommendations to improve the foundation’s outreach, marketing and services to better assist the foundation’s clients and donors.

“We are truly grateful to have Wanda Marin join us on the advisory board,” says Kerri Vaughan, Managing Director of the AAA Scholarship Foundation. “Wanda’s wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise will greatly assist us in our efforts to grow our relationship with those in the financial industry and expand our reach to more low-income families that are in desperate need of educational options for their children.”

The AAA Scholarship Foundation Bank Advisory Board consists of banking experts, currently working in any aspect of the banking field, interested in improving the educational opportunities of economically disadvantaged children in the communities in which they serve.

“I look forward to working with my fellow advisory board members to discuss how we can continue to advocate for our most vulnerable students,” says Marin. “Children are our greatest resource and they all deserve an education that will allow them to pursue a successful future.”

The AAA Scholarship Foundation is a nonprofit Scholarship Funding Organization (SFO) that exclusively serves low-income children through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. This program allows any company that pays Florida corporate tax to redirect that liability to AAA to provide K-12 education scholarships for economically disadvantaged children.

Ms. Marin joined Marquis Bank in September 2016 and is responsible ensuring overall conformity of the Bank’s Compliance and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) programs and adherence to all federal and state regulations and policies pertaining to the Bank.

“Jean Day Fridays” School Supply Drive

June 14th, 2017 • Blog

5-Star Marquis Bank An Invaluable Partner to the Community

May 31st, 2017 • Press

Marquis Bank is pleased to report it has once again earned a coveted 5-Star rating from BAUERFINANCIAL, the Nation’s Premier Bank Rating Firm. (A five-star rating indicates the bank excels in areas of capital adequacy, profitability, asset quality and much more.) Marquis Bank has earned and maintained this top 5-Star rating for 17 consecutive quarters, and that deserves recognition.

“Marquis Bank is an integral member of the community,” remarks Karen L. Dorway, president of BauerFinancial. “Its support provides the vitality the community needs to remain socially, educationally and commercially vibrant. A strong community, in turn, produces a strong community bank. And the cycle continues. True community banks, like Marquis Bank, understand that what is good for the community is equally good for them, making them an invaluable neighbor.”

Established in 2007, Marquis Bank has been providing value to its neighbors and friends for 10 years. Today it operates through two conveniently located offices in Aventura and Coral Gables and can also be found on the web at

Marquis Bank: “Always aiming to exceed your expectations.”

Member of the FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

BAUERFINANCIAL, Inc., Coral Gables, Florida, the nation’s leading independent bank and credit union rating and research firm, has been reporting on and analyzing the performance of U.S. banks and credit unions since 1983. No institution can pay for or opt out of a BauerFinancial rating. Star-ratings are all available for free at

Marquis Bank Looking to Hire Credit Analyst

March 16th, 2017 • Blog

The Credit Analyst will be responsible for analyzing, structuring, and preparing credit presentations for new and existing clients for all types of credit facilities. The job function will also include the monitoring of borrower’s financial performance to determine current risk ratings. In addition, the Credit Analyst will assist in the preparation of monthly reports, perform ongoing portfolio analysis, and complete other duties as assigned.


  • Prepare loan presentations and credit analysis for credit decisions.
  • Provide financial statement spreadsheets to examine the financial condition of borrowers.
  • Work closely with Lending Officers to appropriately underwrite and structure new loan requests and existing loans being renewed.
  • Make joint calls with the Lending Officers to gather information for credit underwriting purposes.
  • Provide questions to Lending Officers that need to be addressed with the borrower to clarify changes in financial trends, management, and the overall company or its operations.
  • Design appropriate covenants based on the type of loan, the amount of the loan, and the credit risk of the Bank. Covenants should comply with loan policy or have an appropriate mitigant.
  • Identify risk issues and take pro-active steps to address and recommend risk ratings.
  • Work with the CHief Credit Officer to maintain and communicate loan policies.
  • Identify any non-compliance issues that could affect the risk of collectability of outstanding loans.
  • Ensure satisfactory turnaround of loan requests.
  • Perform annual reviews of the existing loan portfolio as needed.
  • Prepare industry studies.
  • Prepare credit and loan reports as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Be aware of BSA/AML and other Compliance requirements related to the job function.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or Business Administration preferred.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in credit analysis and / or commercial underwriting.
  • Excellent oral and written presentation skills in addition to strong analytical and practical problem-solving skills. Strong attention to detail.
  • Computer literate especially with reference to word processing and spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Experience with financial statement spreading software.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, managing time and resources to ensure work is completed efficiently and within established timeframes.
  • Understanding of the legal principles underlying the Bank’s loan and security documents.
  • Equipment Operated skills with computer, copier, facsimile machine, telephone, computer printer.

5-Star Marquis Bank Once Again a Top Performer

March 2nd, 2017 •

Marquis Bank proudly announces it is once again a top performer, earning a coveted 5-Star rating from BAUERFINANCIAL, the Nation’s Premier Bank Rating Firm. (A five-star rating indicates that this bank excels in areas of capital adequacy, profitability, asset quality and much more.) Marquis Bank has earned this top honor for 16 consecutive quarters.

“Marquis Bank is a prime example of a community bank excelling at what a community bank was meant to do,” explains Karen L. Dorway, president of BauerFinancial. “It employs locally, thereby having the same personal investment in the community as its customers; it makes decisions locally, often for neighbors and friends; and it focuses on quality as opposed to quantity. That focus has paid off for both Marquis Bank and for its community.”

Marquis Bank was established in 2007 and has been providing quality banking services to its neighbors and friends ever since. Today, after 10 years, it operates through two conveniently located offices in Aventura and Coral Gables and can also be found on the internet at

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